Simbiosys' access to clinical data and human tissue sample can be leveraged to advance oncology therapeutic and diagnostic research. Our goal is to accelerate the discovery and validation of novel targets, leading to new approaches for earlier detection and treatment of cancer. Simbiosys can work with you to identify:


Potential anti-cancer targets through gene expression profiling in healthy tissues and tumors

Location of expression to specific cell types using cytochemistry


Localized protein expression in tumor tissues, either in specific tissues or using oncology arrays

Importance of Human Tissue Research

Delivers fast and cost effective data while reducing the extent of in vivo animal testing required


Closest model to human in vivo function, eliminating species variation and generating human proof of concept data earlier in the development cycle


Early, accurate, go/no-go decisions can be made on human data in real disease environments, reducing the time, risk and cost of development

Screen different populations and patient groups with real patient variability, allowing earlier decisions to be made prior to clinical testing
Human Tissue Availability

Simbiosys has put significant resources on the ground to gain ethical approval to use human tissue and to widen its network of providers. Surgical ressection and cadaveric tissues are available to Simbiosys through a wide network of hospitals. Full informed consent is obtained prior to retrieval of the tissues and we also obtain ethical permission for our research studies from the relevant bioethics committee. Simbiosys is not a tissue supplier. We only allow use of human tissues to help our partners through offering specialized tissue research services.

Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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