We offer outcome-based assaying solutions for various natural product application areas.

Sample Submission


Please provide the following information when submitting samples for analysis:

Description of each sample, or discreet number to identify each sample

Detailed list of analysis required for each sample, with any special instructions for sample preparation brewing, etc.


Required sample size: Powder 5 grams, fresh product 25 grams, liquid at least 50ml


Certificate of Analysis will be faxed the day the analyses are completed. A hard copy will also be mailed with the invoice the same day.

Pricing and Turnaround
Prices shown on the assay catalog are for single samples with standard turnaround time of three weeks or less.
Sample Retention

Samples are retained for 30 days after the results are sent to the client. If the sample is perishable, it will be discarded immediately after the analysis is completed, unless instructed otherwise by the client.


All work is held in confidence and will not be released to other parties!

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