Simbiosys has significant experience in providing hybridoma development and screening services that are designed to provide you with an antibody product that is in the perfect form for your applications.

Antigen Requirement

0.5~2 mg of either protein or pre-conjugated antigen in PBS for immunization of mice and additional 0.5 mg of un-conjugated antigen for ELISA.

Our Antibody service is broken into two phases:

Phase I: Immunization, bleed screening and fusion
Multiple immunization of mice.

Tail bleeds screening with ELISA and/or WB if blots are provided by customer

Send data to customer for evaluation and let customer to decide to proceed further or terminate the project
Fusion of tail bleed-positive mouse spleen

Phase II: Clone Screening and Expansion

Cloning and screening by ELISA

Screening up to 20 ELISA-positive clones by WB if blots are provided by the customer

Report data to customer for evaluation and let customer choose up to 5 clones

Send 3 vials each of the selected hybridomas producing antigen-specific antibodies together with 5 ml culture supernatant to customer


Three vials of frozen cells and 5 ml of culture supernatants from clones (up to 5) of hybridomas producing antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies which meet the client's needs.

Simbiosys manages a substantial portion of risk inherent in any monoclonal antibody development projects by allowing the customers to terminate the project at various points.

We recommended that customers discuss their projects with our technical staff. Please contact us at


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