Pharmaceutical researchers are increasingly focusing on in-vitro ADMET parameters as a major cause for many drug failures. The goal throughout the drug discovery process is to predict at an early stage which compounds pass the tests for good ADMET properties in terms of bioavailability and safety.

Our strategy is to build a portfolio of cell-based specialized in-vitro ADME assays around proprietary processes. Our first offering is the BBB permeability assay.

Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) Permeability

A common problem of drugs directed to the treatment of cerebral diseases is their inability to cross the BBB. In-vitro BBB model is obtained by co-culturing bovine brain micro-vascular endothelial cells on the upper side of a fiber and astrocytes on the basal side. Drug candidates or lead compounds are applied either to the apical or the basal side of the barrier, and their apical-to-basal or basal-to-apical transport through the barrier is evaluated by sample recovery and compound detection at the apical or basal side over a defined time.


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