Simbiosys is a cell-biology platform company with specialized technologies and expertise that accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutic and diagnostic products. We assist pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in their search to gain a molecular understanding of disease occurrence and disease progression mechanisms.

The Simbiosys business model is unique in leveraging a highly-focused core cell-biology platform to deliver innovative solutions for application-oriented verticals in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. The figure below summarizes our growth philosophy.

Our scientists, engineers and laboratory teams interact directly with clients to understand their specific requirements for service quality to deliver consistent performance. Simbiosys quality and regulatory affairs specialists oversee conformance with customer, FDA or other applicable international regulatory agencies during each phase of the project.

Simbiosys has dual presence in the US and India through quality certified labs in Dallas, Texas and Bangalore, India that are linked together by an interconnected team and a robust IT network that gives our customers secure and remote access to their experimental data. Simbiosys aims to be at the forefront of emerging trends in the globalization of pharmaceutical R&D through a unique R&D delivery model that involves strategic project distribution between high-tech and low cost R&D locations to meet the innovation, scale-up and cost challenges of the next phase in drug development

Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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