Simbiosys will expand and store your cell lines. Please contact us discuss the receipt of your frozen cell lines and pricing. We offer the following cell banking solutions:

Expansion of cells for larger cryostorage lots
Expansion of cell line for 20 vial storage
Expansion of cell line for 25 vial storage
Expansion of cell line for 30 vial storage
Viability Testing per Cell Line
Preparation of Master Cell Bank (MCB)
Expansion of cell line in appropriate medium without antibiotics

Pooling of cells from culture vessel at time of cryopreservation to create uniform suspension of cells

Aliquoting of >1.5 x 106 cells per vial into numbered vials

Uniform cryopreservation from room temperature to liquid nitrogen over 24 hour period

Transfer of cryopreserved cells to liquid nitrogen tank
Random selection of 3 vials for recovery rate and viability
Preparation of cryopreservation report
Preparation of Working Cell Bank (WCB)
Re-establishment of cell culture using cells from highest number vial in MCB
Remainder of service is as for MCB


Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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