The quality of botanical extracts vary through many factors, including whether the plant was farmed or gathered from the wild, whether the harvesting time was optimal, and what harvesting mechanisms were used. As a result, the biological activity and therefore the health benefits of your product can significantly vary from batch to batch.

As part of your QC team, Simbiosys works with you to establish a comprehensive solution to track the bioactivity profile of your extracts from raw material to finished ingredient. We help you:

Develop QC methodologies for complete biological profiling


Implement cost effective bioassays to track the bioactivity of interest throughout the manufacturing process

Standardize bioQC for a wide array of purchasing decisions


bioQC advantage

Track bioactivity across the entire manufacturing process Guarantee bioactivity from batch-to-batch Cost effective and time sensitive!


Simbiosys will give you a "certificate of approval" as an independent testing lab guaranteeing the biological activity of every batch of product that you ship to customers

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