The screening assay platform at Simbiosys leverages our extensive range of biology and biochemistry capabilities to offer a broad selection of therapeutic target-based cell-based and biochemical assays. HTS formats for most assays are available.

Simbiosys offers primary and secondary screening assays against a portfolio of clinically validated and emerging therapeutic targets for diabetes and obesity. We also offer screening solutions using validated and emerging cell model systems for targeted therapies against cancer.

Simbiosys is also developing specialized cell-based in-vitro ADME assays starting with the Blood Brain Barrier permeability assay.

Diabetes (selected therapeutic targets)
DPP 4 (and selectivity over DPP 8, 9)
Glucose Uptake
Insulin Secretion (Pancreatic Islet Isolation)
Oncology (therapeutic approach or target)
Protein tyrosine kinanses
Glycolysis inhibition
DNA damage
Cell proliferation
Obesity (selected therapeutic targets)
CB1 (and selectivity over CB2)
5-HT2c Serotonin Receptor
Pancreatic Lipase
Pre-adipocyte Differentiation
In-vitro ADME
BBB permeability


Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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