Healthcare is a large market opportunity for natural products that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The discovery and demonstration of scientifically sound support for health claims for natural products represent a challenge to food, health supplement & nutrition companies.

Simbiosys uses Cell-based & Biochemical assays to test natural products to provide evidence of their efficacy. Our Cell-based assays are designed to provide a relevant physiological context for testing natural products.

Under the bioACTIV™ brand of services, Simbiosys will partner through your entire discovery process. We can:


Prepare a comprehensive review of scientific journals, articles & publications to document the known health claims for a given natural product


Prepare a short-list of natural product candidates from scientific journals, articles & publications effective in a given therapeutic area (disease condition)


Screen natural products in a carefully designed bioassay that has strong scientific basis and is closely linked to clinically accepted biomarkers


Prepare a presentation / poster based on our scientific findings to translate the data into an easily understandable yet effective marketing document

Functional efficacy assays suitable for marketing, regulatory & quality assurance are available at Simbiosys for several product application areas.

Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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