Simbiosys' combined expertise in cell culture, cell line development, and cell & molecular biology enables us to design and perform novel and existing cell-based assays as part of our compound screening solutions for cancer and metabolic diseases.

Drawing on our cell & molecular biology expertise, we can design cell-based assays that are sensitive, reproducible, and accurate. We can custom develop the following assay-types.

Target Binding Assays
Enzymatic Assays
Transcriptional activation assays - Reporter cell line generation (promoter cloning, cell line construction, assay set-up)

Cell proliferation Assays

Design and production of custom cell lines

We assure complete transfer of the technology and reagents back to our customer or alternatively can contract with the client to perform the assay at Simbiosys. Only assays with acceptable signal/noise ratio and Z' factor are transferred to the client. The following is an overview of the assay development process at Simbiosys and the available detection system choices.


Assay Development
Cell Isolation & Banking
Cell Line Development
Natural Product Testing
Molecular Biology


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